Friday, 2 November 2012

Orvis Customer Service Reviewed

True Story:
I was visiting my 'rents and saw a familiar sight on the kitchen table
SBW: You've got the new Orvis catalogue?
MOB (mother of bushwacker): Yes and they do mens clothes now as well
SBW [wearing a quizzical smirk]: Do they sell anything else I might like?
MOB: Not that I know of

Its easy to mock brand diffusion, to complain that a heritage sporting brand has become a clothes shop with a few rods out the back, my mum was totally shocked to learn that Orvis sell fishing gear.
But seriously people, Orvis' customer service is second to none. No one does it better. If you search the fly fishing forums you'll find example after example of people posting how they were seduced by AN Other brand and how disappointed they were when they needed a repair, and how its back to the lovin' arms of Orvis from now on.

A massive shout goin' out out to Jimmy and Declan of the Orvis store in London's Dover St. Really nice guys, loads of good advice and they proper went above and beyond when it came to sorting out my waders. Customer service done right. Thanks chaps.

More fly fishing adventures soon as your pal SBW and local blogger The Lighthouse Keeper have a play-date with some Grayling.


Hippo said...

I am sorry Fat Boy Elk Whacker but you are confusing me now.

In you said that waders should be full of patches and that anyone with smart kit was a 'Tackle Tart', 'All the Gear and No Idea'.

Are you saying now that we should buy our kit from Orvis, especially the waders, because it is guaranteed to break or spring a leak but Orvis will patch it up again giving the kit a 'lived in' or 'well used' look but the fact that their kit is therefore obviously crap is OK because their after sale's service is so good and it is cool to have your bifocals held together with sticking plaster?


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


The 'Tackle Tart', 'All the Gear and No Idea'. was a commentary on english etiquette more than anything. Also 'my readers expect it of me' is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The full story at the orvis store is even better, the waders appeared to fit, but the contortions required to fish the Usk were such that, without wishing to draw attention to the fact, I needed a bit more space down bellow. The chaps gave me a new pair despite the pair I returned being in what, would be fair to say, a far from saleable condition. Pretty good of them I thought.

TLK actually bought big money Simms at the fishing shop in Hereford, (three times what my whole rig cost) he asked the guy if the warranty was as good as orvis and the guy mumbled 'pretty much'.


Exploriment said...

I do like Orvis, but how I wish they would offer something other than the grandpas go to church slacks. Fantastic material, but after experiencing designs by Crye, ie, pants meant for vigorous physical activity, with well thought out features, I find Orvis' stuck in the 1890s designs a little hard to take seriously. Into tincloth and whipcord wool, just not into nostalgia.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


I couldn't agree more, the shirts i'm liking - I have a weakness for button down collared check shirts - but they are the only clothes i've ever fancied in the store. They did used to do a nice pair of ventile pants for bird hunting but i didn't have the cash and they dont do them any more. The aesthetic is definitely a bit 'young fogie' brand which is not really my flava. Or as you so neatly put it
"Into tincloth and whipcord wool, just not into nostalgia."

MarkItClean said...

Never heard of Orvis...?

But I will be checking them out.