Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another 39th Step

Some Birthday Tacticool Swag

So it's that time again, the odometer has clicked round to 39 once more: it's 2.43 in the morning and  I'm sleeplessly camped out on the Ex Mrs SBW's sofa looking back over the years adventures and kit collection.

Scotland I'd recommend to anyone, being on TV doesn't seem to have transformed my fortunes over night but there's still time, and the weather here is decidedly warm for the time of year so I may have been premature in preparing for the Arctic Blasts that were supposedly to sweep the country. Still as other kit tarts will testify just because it hasn't happened yet is no reason not to collect the kit for when it does!

Best Books: would have to go to WDM Bell's The wanderings of an elephant hunter. Apart from being an excellent way to induce shock and awe in dinner table conversation its also been something of an inspiration to me. I'm not in any rush to shoot elephants but the wonderlust of his adventurous spirit and the way he seeks to travel without imposing his world view on those he encounters have resonated with me.
Blogger, Naturalist and Hunter Steve Bodio's book Querencia was an amazing read too, so amazing in fact that a review will have to wait until I've re-read it, there are so many moments and great vignettes in it that I'm half compelled to write something myself and half compelled to give up any hopes I have of telling tales on the page.

Best Piece of Kit: despite all the Kifaru I've bought and loved this year its got the be the Lifesaver water filter a really exceptionally good idea.
Favorite Knife: Spyderco Urban, not cheap (actually a bit over-priced) but holds a wicked edge and is very pleasing in the hand and pocket. That VG-10 steel really is the mutt's nuts.

Thanks too must go to: The Bambi Basher who continues with his efforts to provide me with an education in stalking both deer and Trophy Ruperts and his quest to infect me with his enthusiasm for vintage rifles.

Andy Richardson and the lovely C for their hospitality, help, advice and support during my adventures in the Kingdom of Fife. Literally the best working holiday I've had in years.

Goofy Girl for having the courage to try out life on a slightly bigger island

And you dear reader, the steady tick tick of your visits and comments are what keeps me writing this blog. Last but not least thanks to the Fallow doe who gave her life so I might eat as mother nature intended.

Stick around for more of the same, now with added 'fashionable grey bits'
Your pal


Chad Love said...

Pretty much anything Steve writes is amazing...

Can't disagree on any of your statements...I can't afford the Kifaru stuff but I hear it's nice. My only experience w/Spyderco is with a ladybug that spent 16 years on my keychain and was the handiest knife I ever owned before I stupidly forgot it was still on my keys during a recent flight and it was gleefully taken by a TSA robot.

I do have a Kelly Kettle on the way, however, and anxiously await its arrival.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Kifaru and Steve's output do have something in common: they both make me want to have a go at making my own - I went as far as buying a giant spool of foliage green tacticool thread and i already have a laptop - but alas neither seems to be enough ...

I can sort of see why people get so obsessed with Spyderco there are some models that are really great value and some that are way over priced - I paid a fair bit less than retail for my Urban and still think it was a lot of money, dont get me wrong any knife that can keep an edge throughout the skinning and boning out of a doe has to have something to be said for it but the way the UKPK DOUBLED in price over two years was taking the piss.

I've never owned a kelly kettle myself but can attest to how practical they are, just make sure you fire it up ASAP as quite a few of them leak on delivery, if you do need to repair it yourself two part epoxy is the easiest way ( I use a brand called Miliput which is available in a 'potable' water version, rather than the regular stuff from the hardware store).


Bambibasher said...

Happy Birthday mucker

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Cheers mate

LSP said...

Great deer shot, SBW!

Especially like retro hunter garb (don't look at the, er, muck boots) and rifle with sensible iron sights. What happens if the scope goes down? Sorted.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Not just a 'rifle' a Rigby chambered in .275