Thursday, 4 August 2011

Field Sports In Scotland Pt7

A bit of Lowland Stalking yesterday afternoon. 

This 'Trophy Rupert' was first glassed in the car-park and then stalked to this magnificent shot in the vegetable section of Morrisons in St Andrews. 

Rupert (s) are the mature males of the English upper classes: often seen in their distinctive out-of-office plumage of red strides and check shirt, this partially fine example has the additional pink shirt.

Although there are records of earlier sightings, Rupert Stalking in the UK was first popularised early in the 21'st century by the blogger known as Bambi Basher. Mainly a summer sport, most Rupert Stalking takes place at game fairs and country shows, although domesticated examples can sometimes be seen tethered outside horse shows, country interiors showrooms, and boutiques selling twin-set and pearls.

Reports have reached us that there have been numerous sightings on the east cost of America where they are colloquially known as 'Nantucket Pinks'. It is not yet known if these a purely domestic species or the result of migratory interbreeding.

More soon

PS I'm hoping to bag a 'Tarquin' the juvenile male of the same species, later in the season. 

PPS I dont usually edit posts but this blog deserves a mention
Look At My Fucking Red Trousers - serious Rupert Stalking action!


Murphyfish said...

Be careful my man, I believe that once cornered by a Rupert ones will to live can be sorely tested as there incessant droning and waffle can turn the brain to mush - ear protection should be worn at all times.

GoofyGirl said...

"numerous sightings on the east cost of America where they are colloquially known as 'Nantucket Pinks'."
That'd be "Nantucket red"... and it's awful. A horrible color, that bizarrely looks pretty good on most people. Serious Catch 22 that one.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Murphy Fish
Fortunately they are largely confined to certain areas otherwise we'd have to put them on te general licence.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


'looks pretty good on most people'

Watch it mrs


Exploriment said...

Have you ever read Vice Magazines “Do’s and Dont’s”? I have been in tears reading them.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


YES, Hilarious, the documentaries are excellent too