Sunday, 19 October 2008

Before We Laugh - Bushcraft Divorce

Before we laugh we should spare a thought for brave Nicole

This is a salutary lesson in how far a man's obbsessions will take him.
It's a brave man who'll admit his mistakes.
It's a daft man who'd take his girlfriend on an experimental snow camping trip!
Or as Nelson Muntz would say Ha Ha!

I feel so uncharitble, but I can't stop laughing.
PS thanks to Andy at upnorthica who found this one.


RGD said...

I watch this and think of my wife.....NO WAY would she ever subject herself to anything less than 3 stars on AAA much less pulling a survivor man night in the woods. He is brave this one.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Ha Ha SO true

Mrs SBW will come camping but only during the summer, she wouldn't even watch this vid, I told her about it and she said
'what does he expect - derr'

I really admire his honesty, not many people would expose themselves like that.First to the elements, then to Nichole's scorn and then to our ridicule.

OK enough being fair and respectful

Ah Ha - ha ha ha ha!!

PS still laughing

Phil Thornton said...

This is classic! I think Nicole should have her own blog and post her side of this story. I wonder why he didn't film any of the process (lighting fire, etc). Anyway, good find!

and yes... "HA-HA"