Saturday, 22 March 2008

From BoB

Just got this tip from BoB, Wired magazine has a poll to see what readers reckon should be in a survival kit. There are some pretty silly things on the list and you can add your own suggestions. Remember folks your vote counts!
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3 comments: said...

I've never been impressed by prepackaged kits and feel you are much better off to diy.

Buying a kit you may rely upon for your life from a market saturated with kits is risky - competitive pressure drives down prices (and therefore quality), capitalism drives up profits, and marketing hype spins sales.

IMHO better to do your own research with experienced outdoorsmen and through real world personal experience and make your own.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

i couldn't agree with you more, a case in point is the way the off the shelf kits contain matches, what a waste of space! a butane lighter is SO much more efficient in terms of volume and weight.

Looking at the list I was interested to see that someone had included super glue, something i would never be without. One summer when TNM and i were about to leave on our travels i smashed my fingernail while trying to lock the garage door - I super glued it shut (the nail not the garage door!)until i could get to a nail bar where for $3 i had a nylon nail glued on top of the damaged nail. It took about two months to grow out but never got infected and was pretty much pain free.
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Pablo said...

I'm never too happy with prepacked kit either. It's also much more fun sorting out your own kit.
Not sure I would call any rescue equipment "Slim". It just too close to "slim chance of rescue" ;)