Friday, 29 February 2008

Feed Me

Just a quick note to tell you I'm on the road and having trouble getting online to add to the blog. This would be a great time for any of you who are still interested to add me to your RSS or Feedburner, then you'll know as soon as i'm able to type up a full report on my adventures.

Hope your keeping well


Mungo said...

Already added, sir.

If you log into, and go to the layout tool and sign-in using your normal credentials for Blogger, you'll be able to add a feed widget which is really useful to your readers. Just an idea.



Anonymous said...

Hey SBW,

Glad to know you are okay and have not gone on to the happy survival grounds. Things re looking pretty awful on the financial front. And I say good to that. The Bushites sya they have no intention of bailing out the banks but they will help the home buyers. Hope you are all paid up! If you aren't you might have to come live in Indiana!