Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Centenial Bushwacker

Really 100 posts already! 50 seemed like a lot.
I thought I'd mark the occasion by giving some long overdue thanks to the people who have encouraged me along the way.
Starting a blog is very easy, actually 'blogging' is a little more challenging. To start with it was just me mumbling into cyberspace. Then all of a sudden people started to comment, best of all it was people whose work I've enjoyed reading.To say I was delighted is such an understatement. Your comments and emails have made the blog so much fun for me to write, and I hope fun for you to read too.
Starting at the beginning in the order in which they added comments:

The American Bushman:
I really like reading your blog and was SO delighted when you commented on my first post.

I still stand by what I said at the time 'cute is just another way of saying delicious!'

I'd been reading your stuff for a while, your comment was all the encouragement I needed.

Mrs L AKA Lucy: I was a really great surprise to see that you were actually reading the blog.

Cuz L AKA Lorin:
You're a voracious reader and can actually write yourself. meant a lot when you commented.lets get that camping trip together soon.

The Editor AKA Rex of the Deer Camp:
Wow I exist, Rex from the deer camp knows I'm blogging! I was really blown away that you'd read my outpourings.

boudica of suburbia:
SBW Compared to Ray Mears, you're too kind, I was a fan of your blog and then you commented!

Philip from the hog blog:

You gave me another of those 'I've arrived - someone's listening' moments.

I'd followed your posts on BCUK for ages I was made up that you liked the blog. Thanks.

Dana AKA The Wild Woods Woman:

You've posted some great posts and your comment was so apt.

The Hobo Stripper:
I love telling people about your blog, their assumptions are written all over their faces, hilarious! I still think you have the most unique voice of any of the blogs.

Sam AKA woodcraft in poland
I'd been reading your stuff for ages before you commented. Thanks

Darrell AKA the alpha trilogy:
Hope things are getting better, thanks again for your support

Don AKA buck hunters blog:
Another milestone, i had no idea my blog was reaching so far. thanks for commenting.

Kristine AKA gunslingergirl AKA the first lady of outdoor blogging

What can i say? Without your efforts so many people wouldn't have connected. By founding the Outdoor Bloggers Summit you've done more to promote writing about outdoor adventures than anyone. Massive thanks.

Othmar Vohringer:
Another 'I exist' moment, I'd been reading your blogs for ages and there you were reading mine!

viridari AKA the Utility Belt:
Really glad to see you posting again. Thanks for your kind words.

Great pix, great blog thanks for getting in touch

You will forever be my favourite blogger. When you said I was an inspiration in starting your blog, well let's just say I had to buy a new hat! Thanks.

Todd AKA privative point:
I've enjoyed you blog immensely, cant say I'm not a little disappointed that you moved to the backyard smithy. PS you intro to the rasch chronicles was inspired!

Jamie The fishing blog:
I've really found your blog useful, and was very flattered that you liked mine, thanks.

The Urban Fly Fisher AKA Alistair
Inspirational tales from fly fishing the Kelvin in Scotland

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles AKA Albert A Rasch:
You sir are a living legend.

NorCal Cazadora:
I've really enjoyed our conversations,no one can hold a candle to you for enthusiasm.

Hank AKA Hunter Gardener Angler Cook:
What can I say hank you're my wild food hero!

drew dunn
Keep posting and commenting - I'd miss you if you didn't

Kevin Kossowan
I really like your blog as I live in the 'burbs it's not likely I'll be a full time hunter who cooks, so reading the blog of a cook who hunts has been an inspiration to me. And it was nice to know you looked in

The Deptford Dame AKA Knit Nurse:
Thanks for dropping by

comfortablynumb AKA son of Hackney
See you soon

Mrs BoB
Thanks for letting me know your thoughts!

Ken Harris
Glad you like it - tell your friends!

Bruv - how many posts did it take before you commented?

Great blog man! thanks for stopping by.

Nordic Bushcraft AKA Johan:
Thanks for dropping by - I'm pleased you've started your blog its good.

James Marchington of Sporting Shooter:
James you deserve special thanks for services to Suburban Bushwacking. As I'm sure you noticed I really liked the rabbit hunt. See you soon.

Thanks for reading everyone - if you like it or if you think i should be investigating some aspect of bushcraft, hunting, fishing, gathering wild food, or have thought of a new way of me making a fool out of myself in the open air
If you've given me a mention on your site or blog and I've not reciprocated is most likely that its because technorati hasn't listed you yet - so drop me a line.
Your Pal
the suburban bushwacker


Mungo said...

Happy 100th from Toronto, Mr. The Suburban Bushwacker!

All the best,


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on 100 posts. Many bloggers never make it that far, so you should be proud of what you've accomplished.

Thank you for your kind words about me. You can't see it, but I'm blushing.

Phillip said...

Wow! 100 posts!

Yes, you have arrived.

You realize, of course, that it's only a matter of time before you're celebrating 1000! And I look forward to reading each and every one of them.

Great stuff. Always enjoy your perspective and your writing.

Pablo said...

Congrats on the 100th post. Great reading. Here's to the next 100.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and thank you for the link and kind words. I am at about 350 posts and yes it seems like ages to arrive at this number.

Jamie said...

Well done, its a slog but well worth it in the end. I am heading towards #400 and #1 seems like a long time away. To make it worse I have started a few more that need some TLC.

Anyway, best of luck and all that jazz.

PS will be re-bulding my earth oven as the pigs escaped and leaveled it!!!!

Marian said...

My congrats to you Suburban Bushwacker on your 100 post! Best of luck to you on getting to 200! :)

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman said...

Wow - a hundred! I can appreciate how much time that took in addition to the time you spent leaving thoughtful comments on others. Great job!!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Thanks so much for getting in touch everyone, it's great tot know you're still reading after all this time.
I've been somewhat remiss in keeping the blog roll up to date so apology's if this is the first time you've seen yourself linked to my blog. if you have stared another blog LET ME KNOW and I'll add it too.
Thanks again
Your pal the bushwacker

Tara said...

Thanks! Happy 100!

Alistair said...

Happy 100 :-)