Sunday, 6 January 2008

Really Actually Tasty?

Much to my surprise the office has yielded a lesson in preparedness and survival this week.

Due to the early January lull when the rest of the world seems to still be on holiday. Last weeks office life was at a much slower pace than could be productive. The morning football conversation extended beyond its mandatory 20 minutes and peaked on Friday at an hour and a half.
Work, as it was, centered around half-hearted researching, most of the day went on teasing each other and reading stuff out from the internet.
One viral email caught everyone’s attention and made me think about the nature of our dinner and our expectations of it.




As we watched to squeals of horror, the question everyone was asking, well more shrieking than asking, was ‘Would you? – Could you!”.
Mr. Bojangles (the resident song and dance man) has lived in Senegal for ten years so he speaks with an authority the others cant muster.
“In lots of the parts of the world people eat all kinds of stuff”
Would you? Have you? You didn’t!
“I wouldn’t be surprised if I had, in a lot of places people just need to eat, you never know what you’re being served ”

In the Southern US and much of eastern europe squirrels are well known as good eating, a few people shoot them to eat here, and a couple of the more adventurous London restaurants have them on the menu.

Well they call squirrels ‘tree rats’, maybe these fellas should be re-branded as ‘ground squirrels’. Hmmmm?

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Mungo said...

Mmm, memories of Monty Python's 'Rat on a Stick'... very popular in medieval times.




NorCal Cazadora said...

Well, squirrel tastes fantastic, but while a squirrel is nothing but a rat with a bushy tail, their diets are quite different.

Would I eat a New York City rat? Doubtful. Would I eat a country rat with a fairly natural diet? I don't see why not.

In social interactions, prejudices reduce opportunities. Food is no different.

Pablo said...

Grey Squirrels are good to eat and you help to keep the poplation down. They are very detructive to our trees and have helped push away our native reds.
Eat a squirrel a day....that's what I say. Do they sell 'em in Tesco's?

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Wow! Singeing the rat and everything! Personally? I'd skin it.

You may notice the "tree rat" on my game strap in this picture. Got me a nice big gray squirrel the other day - weighed nearly a pound dressed and cleaned!

He should go well in with a walnut sauce...

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

very interested in your walnut sauce. how you you get the astringency of the pith to go away?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I could eat squirrel. I think they're cute. Although I think deer are cute and I eat venison, so I probably could get over my squirrel issue.

Definitely could not eat rat.

Phillip said...

Here's another cheer for "tree rats". And I'm sure a bunch of the different species of ground rats are probably quite edible and tasty too.

I'm a little sketchy around rats, though, mostly for their affinity for things like ebola and bubonic plague. The ground squirrels here in CA (not rats, but squirrels that live in the ground) are sometimes responsible for campground and park closures when the bubonic bug pops up.

Would I? If necessary. But it probably wouldn't be my first choice.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Re: Walnut sauce
Astringency? Pith? You mean the brown skin over the nut meat? Why you blanch them, dear boy! (Was that English enough?) Seriously, get the nut meats and a big pot of boiling water, then dunk them in for like a minute - not longer - then right into an ice bath. Skins should come off. But actually, I rarely do this because the Chandler walnuts I use aren't bitter at all...

Anonymous said...

hm tasty, not


barkfoot said...

I'd have no problem eating rats, other than there's not much to them, but then I get the same negative reaction when I eat rabbit....."You can't eat that it's fluffy!"

Shooter said...

Please check out this link; will post more about another tribe which is actually called "rat eaters".

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Nice one Shooter