Monday, 31 December 2007

I Want One - A Not So Occasional Series Pt2

I keep having a fantasy where there's erhm 'less of me to love' and as the weather warms up I'm thinking a bike ride to and from the office would be a step in the right direction. i could fix up my forgotten bike from the back of the shed, but it needs a lot of new parts, or i could use the inspiration of a gleaming new machine as impetus.
Or i could keep it legal by putting the money towards paying my tax bill...... Ho Hum

Whatever you decide to do with the new year, i hope it works out better than you intended. Or as the heyoka's heyoka once said
"May you live in interesting times - and get to be a part of them"
CHARGE a very cool bike co.


American Bushman said...

Wow! That's one very slick single speed there.

I've got one or two of those gathering dust in the garage.

I should probably get at least one of them trail ready and have a ride one of these days.

My fixed-gear cyclocrosser would be major fun on the snowy trails out behind the house.

Happy New Year!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...
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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

American Bushman
The blue of the frame looks really good against the brown of the bar tape and saddle,a classic colour combination for Ferrari's. It looked much better in the shop than it does on the web. The frame geometry is really special,(see rear triangle) it shortens the wheelbase so the bike will be like a rocket away from the lights. The Plug has a double dished rear wheel so you can ride it single speed or fixed wheel.I love it.

re your 'fixed-gear cyclocrosser' that's INSANE!!! But a lot of fun!!!

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I like that quote very much.

I've never been much of a cyclist myself. Haven't ridden a bike in years. I'm thinking maybe I should try it. We have lots of nice trails here.

Hmm, I shall have to ponder this.

Anonymous said...

now then suberbun bushwacker what a good idea cycle to work why not might just try that


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


it's so cool isn't it.
The first bit 'may you live in interesting times' is purportedly an old Chinese curse, the '..and get to be a part of them' was coined by Robert Anton Wilson, my favorite stand up philosopher.

happy new year