Saturday, 1 September 2007

Running Club Isn't The Only Uphill Struggle

Mrs Bushwacker has been taking a sudden interest in my blog and blogging activities.
She looked into my recent conversation with the American Bushman regarding the usefulness of crooked knives.

Mrs SBW “what do you use them for?”
SBW“ They’re essential for making spoons and kuksas”
Mrs SBW “You idiots, you can just buy them at Tescos”

What was I saying about bear bait?
Bear Claws Bushcraft are getting kuksas
Nordic Bushcraft have them in stock


Mungo said...

Ah, that's my next project. I recently got some locust wood, but it is as hard as iron, and not amenable to my crook knife. I shall locate some birch and make a nice kuksa. In fact, on my last trip into the backcountry, I saw a burl on a birch tree, but didn't think much about it until afterwards - apparently kuksas are best made from burls.

I'm sure Tescos has spoons and cups - but they ain't got nuthin' on something made with our own hands. :-)

My wife, I believe, thinks my spoons are quaint and the outcome of my camping madness...



Mungo Says Kuksas

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

"they ain't got nuthin' on something made with our own hands"

You should have seen the look she gave me when I said something similar. She thinks it's part of my generalised madness! Ho Hum

sam_acw said...

Depends on the crooked knife - one sort is more a straight blade with a crooked handle. Ideal for using like a drawknife for bows, paddles, etc.
The best thing is you can make one up for less than ~£3 using a hoof knife from a horsey shop!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Top Tip!
Thanks for getting in touch.

American Bushman said...


At least she's showing some interest in your writing!!!

Mine looked at my blog once for about five minutes, said, "that's interesting," and that's been that...