Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2019

VRS Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2019

Troms Langhold & Benkeskytter Forening invites you to MSRC

Location: Bl├ątind, Troms

Match date: July 5th to July 7th 2019.

Max range: TBA
We are happy to announce that you have a slot in the VRS Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2019 match! 

Me and my big mouth
your pal


Anonymous said...

I have watched Thom's THLR.NO videos for years
This MSRC appears to be hard to compete in as well as being hotly contested.
Lets hope your shooting is up to snuff. As getting plenty of practice range time here in the UK might be hard to come by, and its a long way to travel and getting there will cost you a pretty penny, to make a complete pigs ear of things.

Atb Clem

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Yep real Vikings with real rifle skills. The TikTac and the Delta can do it,
don't know if my ankles and trigger finger can?
Bisley isn't the ideal place to practice, and work ,that curse of the stalking class,
means I cant go to the permission or Scotland as much as I'd like.

Either way it wouldn't be
SBW if I admit to winning it.

Drannie said...

As I lugged my cz the 10yds to the firing point last week to then embarrass myself shooting a funny green castle thing at Bisley I thought about your midnight orienteering with guns.

Did you survive, did the lugging the Tac give you a hernia and more importantly did you use the yellow plastic wheel thingy?

I have something manly and exotic heading to the cabinet soon which will tickle your gear fancy in a 'forgotten weapons' kind of a way.

Rob D

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


In a word Barely - that bloody thing was bloody heavy!
Yes we did use the Yellow thingy/Truemiller, there's even a stage named after it.
Our load data was patchy to say the least which let us down. As did my shocking lack of fitness.

Work, that curse of the stalking classes, keeps intruding but I'll do a write up shortly.