Saturday, 24 September 2016

I Heart Cabins

If the above makes perfect sense to you, I can warmly recommend
Where I found love. Real enduring love.

200 year old Bushwhacker on the outside

Austere minimalism on the inside. 

 It's in Switzerland, so I'd shoot 10.3x60, you know, just because I could. 

Keep well 
More soon
Your pal

PS for scale The Bambi Basher and I once took a look at a rifle chambered in 10.3x60, I could poke the end of my pinky down the barrel!!


LSP said...

Nice post. I have a Compound, which is like a Cabin but not the same. So I'll be sorting that aspect out and building one. For me, a mountainous location, with water, is important.

So is minimalism. Good call.

LSP said...

Heh. Boom.

Suburban Bushwacker said...

I really like the idea of this gaff, total stealth wealth. The websites description of the build is obviously wrong it would actually be much easier than they suggest as it would be poured in one day. I wanna see more pix so I can work out how to do the roof which is the only hard bit. If and when Hiss pays his bill I'm still after that farm, but there's another gaff I've been watching that could make a much bigger version of this in an easier location.

I know a couple of chaps from the Alpine Rifles but I'm yet to meet anyone who shoots 10.3mm. The bambi basher and I have seen one at Holts, short barrel big bore (and thats just the bambi basher) it looked to be scary loud! Apparently there are several canton's where you can't hunt with any other calibre.


Sammy said...

it’s such a beautiful area. Stayed near Ilfracombe before. It’s great when you can hire a holiday home instead of a hotel. You can cut costs by self catering and it’s brilliant to have the space.