Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Unboxing Review: Markhor Elk Mountain 45l Pack

Would you like to review a pack that's lightweight, durable, and affordable?
Would I ever. Does, or could such a thing exist?

Most people have one pack, for people like BoB, Mr Grendel and myself this shows a cavalier attitude to foot travel and a lack of commitment to adventure. I asked BoB (brother of bushwacker) how many packs he and Mrs BoB have, his response 'Hard to say'.
Having spent the night in Mr Grendel's gear room I mentioned 'I saw you've got a few packs' and heard the words I've so often used myself to head off an argument  with the kind of person who has 4-5 thousand pairs of shoes but thinks everyone else can get by on a half a drawer full of clothes and camping equipment. Combined.  'They're all for different things".

Hunter to Hunter have launched the  range of Markhor Hunting packs. Where most packs are designed on the Alpinist model - lots of room for rope, a smaller space for clothes and attachment points for ice axe and or snowshoes. The hunting pack would do well to carry a rifle or a bow, needs to be waterproof and needs to carry loads of an awkward shape. It's quite a big ask. The Elk Mountain
pack in the 45l class seemed to fit my current needs so I accepted their kind offer of a pack for review.

I've got er, one or two expedition sized packs; the 45l class will just about swallow an double duvet 

This dart and compression strap are cut to push the content down towards your hips.

Clips on both shoulder straps for the tube from your water bladder.

A vertical compression strap means the lid's straps aren't doing all the work, so its easier to get things in and out of the lid's pockets when the pack is full.

Very nice, neat, and strong Bar Tacking at all the load bearing points.

The mesh panel is an extra, which adds to compression and if the pack is empty turns it into a carry frame for a chainsaw or trophy.

The extra straps give a lot more 'squish' which stabilises the load

Comes with a rain cover

Comes with a condom / hood thingy.

Excellent value for money, all the bits you'd pay extra for are included.
I would have made the lid detachable, and the compression straps longer.

Weather's getting a little warmer, lets get outside
More soon


LL said...

It looks like a very well designed and manufactured pack.

Federico said...

I can recommend Seek outside packs (I have a Revolution 4800) for heavy and oddly shaped haulage. Heavy stuff and bulky stuff have never been a problem. As I have failed to get myself sorted to get hunting I cannot comment on that front but assuming that happens (in the UK or the frozen land of Finland -- it's a long story) I will report back. Seek outside does have good review from hunters as well.

http://www.outdoorgear.dk said...

Great presentation of the bag. It definitely looks to fit for hunting trips. Definitely something we will look into in our shop: http://www.outdoorgear.dk/category/jagtstoevler-7/

hodgeman said...

Sounds like a great pack. I must admit a certain "pack fetish" that I had to break myself of. I mostly hunt with one rifle but my pack count goes well into double digits...there's always some new pack to catch my eye.

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Elizabeth Hanson said...

Looks great. Does it distribute weight well when you wear it? I've got a bad back. :(

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