Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Unboxing Review: Scott Mongoose XT Bow Release

Posts on the SBW blog are like London buses you wait for ages then two come along back to back.

Sometimes the kit does make a difference, all the most accurate shots I've ever taken have been with rifles with triggers that have that sweet, crisp break, the break that's not a hair trigger and isn't scratchy either, my Parker Hale Phoenix, and the Blaser's (R93 and R8) spring to mind. 

When I bought my bow it came as a Ready To Hunt package from Hunter's Friend [who I can't recommend enough] with a Truball release [I think it's the cyclone]. It's OK, in fact it was perfect while I was getting my form together shooting in the backyard and at fifteen meters. At 25 meters I started to notice the long travel and scratchy feel which seemed to amplify with every wobble and waver I made.  

Bored with the sheer divisiveness of Archerytalk I posted to asking for opinions on releases, only got two responses, both shouting out for Scott Releases. 

During a visit to an Archery shop I got to try out one of their thumb releases, so beloved by the target shooting crowd. Wow, so crisp, so sudden, so WOW! I was tempted, not by the price, but by the mechanics of the thing, then I had a disturbing vision of a repeat performance of the time when I dropped a round from a high-seat and it clattered off every effing rung of the effing ladder on the way down, it would also be fair to say that I don't tend to lose things that are tied-on, so that was a factor too. 

Looking online for reviews of Scott's  Mongoose XT certainly has its fans, I can see the thinking behind the single calliper concept. Don't know if it works, but I like the idea, so I pressed Buy Now. 

Fresh out of the box its in a different league to the other releases I've seen, so far I've only done the shoelace test (I'm at work) but it seems crisp, like R8 crisp.

Have I managed to spend my way to accuracy? I'll let you know after the weekend.

More soon
Your pal


Phillip said...

And so begins the gear-mania. I know of only a small handful of archers, including myself, who have resisted the urge to dive headlong into the pursuit of the best, fastest, smoothest, lightest, and so forth.

This way, madness lies.

Suburban Bushwacker said...


I know I know, it's just silly. I already have a box that cost the price of a short holiday to cart the rig around in.
Yesterday I ordered an ‘arrow vault’ and I'm still only on my first bow. Madness, madness I tell you.

“It's like rifle hunting...only more expensive, and less effective.” Hodgeman

have you had any post from me yet?


Phillip said...

Package arrived! Looking forward to digging out the Benjamin and spinning some targets soon!

Many thanks!

Suburban Bushwacker said...

Excellent - do let me know you get your hands on a powerful .22 as there is a very interesting pellet for it from the same people, but it needs quite a push to get the best out of it