Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Glamping: At The Shallow End Of The Gene Pool

"Look everyone, you'll still be able to check your social media accounts while you're 'camping'."

Another bit of my soul dies.

Modern Life Is Rubbish

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Anonymous said...

Been ranging elsewhere awhile; always glad to drop in on the Suburban Bushwacker when I get back around! But my, my, some of these last posts--sounds like you need some encouragement and or a bit of a change of perspective! Perhaps YOU need to get out and range around a bit--if I'm away from the woods for more than a few days, I can get grumpy and negative, too! You just gotta "Ishi-Up" man! Live isolated as the "Last Of Your Tribe", if necessary, and forget about those urbanites. Get out and go "roundabout, lads, roundabout!"--as the tod in "The Plague Dogs" wisely advised! Especially wise if yer oot slammin' some yows! The best way to deal with over civilization is to just NOT NEED it, nor care. Although I could see taking a more coyote/Apache-like perspective in that "Glampers" would be INCREDIBLY fun and productive to raid, loot, and pillage!....L.B.

Suburban Bushwacker said...


Oh the horrible irony of it all, yes i admit it, looking back over this years posts I have become something of a grump.
It was probably brought on by the extended period of wearing a suit and attending the orifice Monday through Friday. As one of the chaps pointed out 'the sedentary life doesn't suit you'.
I feel that when ever petulant Goblin King fired me for the second time in two months someone had to be the grown up and I walked away laughing. Ten days later - which I had to spend running about - I have a couple of projects, one which is actually starting, like yesterday. So gainful self employment is once again the order of the day.

I recently received an interesting offer of access to a hunting estate - on the other side or Europe - which could, just possibly - take me to the (now revised) end of my journey if I were prepared to fudge the difference between an Elk and Red deer.

We'll have to see

More news as it happens
your pal

Anonymous said...

Ha! Boy howdy, have I been fired/sacked/canned/terminated/laid off(etc. etc.) from so many jobs(I blame my 1/64th Comanche blood) for not "fitting in"--this usually pointed out to me after I had just pointed out certain imperfections of certain bosses to THEM(I mean, hey, they can harangue us peons all day every day about OUR imperfections--do we peasants NEVER get a chance to really speak our minds? Well, yes, on the day you are fired, of course!) There has never been a job I was dismissed from that it was not a huge relief(even if I DID havta scramble to get another form of wage labor to feed myself and the pack! As of course, such jobs never pay enough to have any reserve to tide you over between firings!) I remember so well being "terminated"(this exact term utilized) from the Biltmore Estate(a HUGE castle/mansion/landscaped grounds open to touristas) many, many years ago, when I was told(in a rather snooty manner), I WAS NOT "Biltmore Material!". I laughed out loud and replied--"Heck, it took you guys 9 months(a record of lengthy employment for me at the time!) to figure that out? I knew that the first week!" Then I proceeded to verbally scalp them(which they fully deserved--they were HORRIBLE to employees in those days--maybe still are for all I know....)--stuff held in for 9 months! Yeah, nobody EVER has had to fired me twice! I am quite the efficient bridge-burner, if nothing else....But WOW--that hunting estate access sounds dang interesting; maybe they need a gamekeeper, too? As always, I will enjoy reading about it here! And don't fret about venting on yer own blog--that's one thing they are certainly good for!....L.B.

Suburban Bushwacker said...


Thanks for the kind words, really it has been a blessing to actually stop attending the slowly sinking ship - I do miss my co-workers who are a most entertain bunch [I hired most of them for just that reason].
Project two rolled in on an email last night, so 'moving forward'
1. I will be of good cheer,
2. The hunting and adventuring budget has just increased. exponentially
3. This blog may become an adventure in apiary, just maybe.