Monday, 4 May 2015

Hunting, And Shooting Videos

A few weeks back Phillip of The Hog Blog did a round up of some of the better efforts by American TV makers, at that most difficult of genres; The Hunting Video. It's not easy. The 'pro' efforts are sometimes less engaging than the home-grown youtube videos.

The Music

Many film makers seem to share the sentiment of the Anti-Hunter that hunting is a highly adrenalised activity best given musical accompaniment by what I believe may be called 'death metal'. This makes no sense to me whatsoever; I go hunting to walk around in silence, listening to birdsong. I expect you do too.

The Celebration

The whooping and back slapping is pretty tiresome. I will admit I did once snap my fingers to show my satisfaction with an uncharacteristically tight group, but I've never felt the need to whoop or high-five. Hunter X smeared deer blood all over my face, I can't help but feel it was just because he wanted to. I was once the recipient of high praise of the Scottish variety "a welcome rest-bite from sheer suburban uselessness', but usually, on this side of the pond, a firm handshake is all that's deemed necessary.

The Dialogue

Most video blogs are awful because the person speaking hasn't actually decided how to say what they want to say, and then when they slip up mid ramble instead of 'mulligan-ing' and taking the shot again, they either just repeat themselves or worse yet launch into a long-winded apology before repeating themselves. It doesn't really work for me. If I were to offer a pointer; It may help not to mention 'commitment' or 'tradition' again. I can't be the only viewer who switches off when subjected to rapid-fire cliches. I know you did this with your 'daddy' and you want to take your daughter hunting, yawn, there is more to hunting than sentimentality.

So, how to capture the moment on camera? How to show the people at home what goes on? Here are a couple of examples of how the pros do it and an example of a really inventive low tech way of telling stories on video.

First Hunt from Civilware Service Co. on Vimeo.

Meanwhile down under, where their contempt for inclement weather and glaciers is shown in the shortness of their 'Shorty-shorts' the guys from Calibre Shots show just what I'm missing not going to see my Bro.

Father & Son Tahr and Chamois hunt from caliber shots on Vimeo.

But what if you haven't got a drone, and can't hitch a ride on a helicopter? What if its just you and a camera, up close and personal? How would you tell the story, to an audience who may not speak any language you speak? You let what the camera sees tell the story.

At last a film of deer stalking in Scotland, that looks and sounds like, well, deer stalking in Scotland.

Thomas Haugland is a Hunter, Shooter and Filmmaker from Norway where; deep competency, stunning scenery, and dry wit come free with your passport. His videos never have him talking or a voice over, which in our current climate of moron-ification and pointless babbling is strangely attention grabbing.  His videos often have super deadpan descriptions

"This longrange shooting test was primarily made for Norwegians, but you are invited to try! It'll test the basic skills needed to make the bullet hit where you want (accuracy) at long range. This test is done in meters, at least 500 m range which is 547 yds."

Or the Jedi-like

"Not all days are equally successful. But there are sights to be seen and if you stay in bed, failure is guaranteed."

Enjoy, and comment if you've got any reconditions for videos that do something different with the the Hook and Bullet genre.

Picture credit goes to LikeCool and here's a list of top 10 best AR 15 scopes in case the picture put you in the mood

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Phillip said...


A.) Thanks for the link back.

B.) Thanks for the footwork. Me, my trend has been to sit back and let the hunting channels serve them up to me. You apparently went out, beat the bushes, and scared up some good stuff. So much initiative! Sort of makes me look bad.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


You are too kind, no one has ever put more effort into their blog that you, that Lead-Ban stuff must have taken a while to both keep track of and write up.

Keep on keeping on

hodgeman said...

I loved the one from NZ... reminds me of hunting for mountain goat in AK. Now I want to go to NZ too...

There quite a few "semi pro" guys out there making some really good hunting videos these days. Small HD cameras make it easier than ever.

I just watched a couple of Donnie Vincent films... very, very well done.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


The kiwi's are top drawer in most things, I'm sitting in the office of the most turgid of business concerns, and it all looks pretty wonderful from here. Those Thar are an endangered species everywhere else in the world, to Kiwis they are a pest you can shoot for free on public land 365 days a year!!! Home of kite fishing too, which looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back bloging again.
On the video front I would heartily recommend checking out the Fieldsports Britain channel and their weekly fixture Hunting You Tube..
You get some really great videos featured from around the world covering all things hunting and fishing. The weekly program fronted by my old pal Charlie is pretty good in itself.

There's also The Shooting Show and Team Wild putting out weekly video blog progs.

Off to see if I can bag a couple of muntjac before the ground cover gets to high.