Sunday, 7 December 2014

For The Daydreamers

Can anyone guess what your pal SBW has been thinking about this week? Its been paid for but it won't arrive for a couple of weeks....

In the meantime here's a very stylish video by Donnie Vincent if it doesn't fire your dreams, can I suggest something a little more sedate?

Keep well peeps, I've not forgotten you or abandoned the blog, just been busy
Your pal


Phillip said...

Busy is an awful excuse. Santa's elves are busy.

Enquiring minds want to know, what's been keeping SBW away from the interwebz? Your voice has been missed.

Suburban Bushwacker said...

"that's what you tell all the girls"

But seriously, the real reason is that for the last few months I've been totally retrograde. I've actually been doing the job i had when i first started the blog 9-6 while also plumbing and contacting at the weekends and before and after work. All in its given me the money to buy a toys and materials for blog related projects but no time to use them.

Lots of stuff worth posing about on the horizon, but I'm not even sure when I'll be able to post it as there'll be no wifi in the campo.

I have a few posts that just need photos so I'll try to get another couple up before I leave, but the new stuff may have to wait for a sudden rush of new year posting when I get back.


LSP said...

Love that "dreamer" video.

right on.

LSP said...

And look here, Merry Christmas!

More posts, please.