Sunday, 2 March 2014

SBW's Hunting Blind Competition

The lovely people at Rod & Rifle Whiskey have flashed up a hunting blind from TrueTimber for a giveaway, so I thought we'd have a competition - just this time with an actual prize as opposed to 'solid gold bushwhacker points' which fluctuate in value more than bitcoins and are like their issuer, irredeemable.

Rod & Rifle make several Bourbons and whiskey's some of which are currently in rigorous testing at the Oklahoma branch office of this blog.

So on with the competition.

The clue:
The real tennis champion, stout by todays standards, who drained the stews and stripped their owners, sometimes literally. 

The question:
Who owned this glove and hood?

Answers in the comment section, which I'll post when a winner is drawn from the hat.


mcshug said...

It was that fat bastared Henery viii

Billie Ruffian said...

Henry VIII

Mike Dwyer said...

Henry VIII

tai haku said...

Henry VIII I believe. Awesome blog btw.

Gus Farmer said...

Competition answer; Henry VIII
from; Angus Farmer

Phillip said...

No idea on the clue or question (but a wild-assed guess, based on "tennis"... the Earl of Wimbledon?) but you've spiked my curiosity with a new bourbon! Rod and Rifle, huh?

I'll be adding that to my shopping list.

Michael Straatmann said...

Hood and glove belong to Henry VIII. Keep up the great blog!

Anonymous said...

Henry VIIIth



Chas Clifton said...

I meant to hazard a guess, but then I got the answer by looking at the file name. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sten

Its our HenryVIIIth. The last but one Tudor.

Or did I say that already? LOL