Monday, 20 May 2013

Kelly Kettle Review

I've always heated water in a billy balanced on two sticks or rocks, but the method does have its drawbacks. So when the chance to get a mini Kelly Kettle came up I bought one. Handy thing it is too.
As you can see its hard to imagine a method for having a greater surface area to heat-exchange with, and as a side benefit the fire is effectively wind-proofed.

E of SN tells me they originated in Ireland as the preferred brew making apparatus of profesional seaweed gatherers, and with the design's ability to be carried full of water and stay alight in wind and rain, its a highly plausible origin story.
A big advantage of the Stormkettle F1 is 
the neoprene cover which both retains heat and protects fingers.

I've seen and used quite a few Kelly's over the years, the Aluminium models are obviously slightly superior in their ability to transfer heat, and the stainless steel editions slightly better in their ability to resist dents. A lad on Kickstarter was claiming to have invented the idea and was making his out of Titanium. While there are very few titanium things I havent bought over the years, the model from is I hope the best of both worlds. Ti is light, strong, corrosion and stain-proof, but its a pretty crappy transmitter of heat and ofcourse carry's a price premium that I'm not able to stretch to this week.
This puppy is Aluminium with an anodised finish and so far it seems very good. The other thing I liked about the F1 Storm kettle is it's a brew-kit, just enough water for two cups and not going to take up too much real estate in my fishing bag. I would have bought one years ago, but I've never seen one this petite before: Capacity: 0.5 litres Diameter: 12.5 cm Height - with fire bowl in: 20 cm Weight - empty: 450 g. Most of the companies around the world making Kelly Kettles will sell you gadgets to balance a frying pan on top. Forgive my cynasism but I reckon I'm just too clumsy to cook my bacon and eggs on such a device. The whole kit and kaboodle would be on the ground before the water was boiled.

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PS yes I'm embarrassed to admit I drank instant so-called coffee


Unknown said...

Enjoyed the read.. Ive used similar contraptions over the years..even made my own.. good read though thank you! Brought back memories ;-)
Badlands Backpacks

Sam said...

Thought I had already posted! Ha! But just wanted to say I enjoyed the read.. and I have used similar contraptions over the years.. even made one myself a few years ago.. not so fancy.. but same principle..anyway thanks ;-)
Badlands Backpacks

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


I'd love to see any pix you have of your DIY KK

Mark the Hunter said...

Seems like a really handy kettle, and the design is very smart. May I ask how much did you pay for yours?

RecurveBowGuide said...

I've never used Kelly Kettle. But Your review makes me a bit curious. Good Review indeed.