Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fish Fight - Please Help

Remember a while back when we looked at the massive problem of all ex-quota fish being caught only to be discarded? The news from Hugh Fearlessly-eats-it-all's campaign to stop this madness is that the eurocrats are gathering to vote on wether we have fish in the future or wether we carry on killing them only to throw them over the side. The meeting is on MONDAY.

Hugh has set up a page where you can use your twitter account to let them know it time to stop throwing food and future away. I just tweeted all of them and it took less time than typing this post.


Thanks for your help


Hippo said...

I did this as requested but am bemused as to why we we neeed to send tweets begging for assistance from the representatives of so many landlocked countries, half of them not even European, merely for the application of the bit of common sense applicable to our own waters that the gunboat diplomacy of our once proud fishing nation was once never shy to apply?

LSP said...

End the evil reign of the Eurocratz!

Save the fish!

Seriously -- good luck with the campaign.

All about Lees here. And horses. And Lent.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

First up thanks for your help ever tweet counts.

How shall I put this? These filthy statists actually imagine that their pathetic bullshit actually matters, they really think that they can dress there self interest up as our interest.

Only when they fear the populous do we have any chance of sorting this out, while I'd like to hunt eurocrats with spears from donkey-back custard pies would probably make the point better.