Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Hedgehogs! What are they all about?
Why cant they just share the hedge with the other animals?

More Soon

Picture credit britishhedgehogs.org.uk


Hippo said...

Since Marcia refuses to allow me an African house snake loose in the house to keep the mice down, maybe she would let me put one of these under the kitchen counters to munch away on all the little baby mice.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Not a bad idea, I've long wanted to taste hedgehog, but draw the line at killing endangered species for my own gluttony. There are quite a few 'gypsy' recipes for cooking them over a campfire. once Bushwacker Jnr and i did find a RTA victim who we were going have for dinner, but sadly Ex Mrs SBW wouldn't let us cook him up in a Butlins kitchen. Ho hum

E-Hunting forum said...

Nice little "hedgy" hedgehog. Thanks for posting this.

Jason said...

How on earth did the sweet little hedge hog become endangered? Where I'm from horny toads are darn near extinguished from fertilizers killing red ants which were their main source of food. Go figure! Cool pic...

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


that's a very good question, I'll have to find out and let you know

Zak said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog. I will be following it!

http://bestbaitforfishing.com is my site.

Anonymous said...

I have spent a good few hours reading your blog and have enjoyed every minute. Its not just the writing, which is great, but the philosophies behind it. Great stuff. In relation to one of your fishing stories I was always taught that 'glassy' looking rocks explode in fire so be warned. The fern you show is harts tongue. Keep up the good work.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


First of all thanks very much for taking the time to read my witterings and to say such nice things about them.

I was thinking abou that fishing trip the other day, good times, Johna is now resident in France I'm hoping to get over there for a spot of lake fishing in the next wee while. Despite being quite the shot with a 12 he's decided he doesn't like hunting anymore.

The rocks were the least glassy looking available, but still scared the bejesus out of me!

Do you by any chance know Longswords? He would love your blog and is a top chap for Springers.

PS You're on my blog roll

Anonymous said...

SBW, thanks on all counts. I will track down Longswords and check out his activity with Springers. Both Springers and Cockers are other, yet unowned, favourites of mine. Will keep checking in.

With thanks

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Longswaords is one of the good guys, we spent s few days together in the summer
Pop me an email and I'll introduce you

Anonymous said...

Will do SBW, many thanks

Anonymous said...

SBW, its been odd...I have been reading your blog and it struck a very deep chord. I couldn't work out why I felt so 'comfortable' reading it, and then it came to me. As a child I had, as many children do, a favourite book. My book was 'My side of the Mountain', by Jean George. The atmosphere of that book has stayed with me since then. The summary on the back of the book said something like this "I ran away to the Catskill Mountains in May. I had a penknife, a ball of string, an axe, and forty dollars. I knew how to fish and to make a fire, and I thought that was all I needed". I have never forgotten this. Your writing creates similar feelings. Keep up the good work

Trophy Buck Pro said...

Love those guys! Thanks for sharing!