Thursday, 28 July 2011

Field Sports In Scotland Pt.3

After our detour to the home of golf arrived at Andy's place where LongSword who had been shooting pigeons over wheat and had a stack waiting to be cooked up. He's been plucking them outside and claimed that the blizzard of feathers had been caused when the dogs had got at them. This picture was taken AFTER he'd 'tidied up'.

We feasted on the day's bag. The recipe couldn't be simpler, Pigeon breasts wrapped in Parma Ham seared until the ham is crispy and then left to stand in the oven a 100c for about 20 mins, served with potato salad. And beers.
The next morning I was woken from a deep sleep on the couch to be told people from Andy's Facebook group were demanding I be roused by the cold water method. Fearing that Andy's Facebook pals would lead him into bad ways we packed some sarnies and headed out.
Note: Secondary use for Gear stick - Dog-Chew
Andy dropped Longsword and myself off and we set up on the edge of our second choice of field,
the first being occupied by an Italian shooter we named 'Perazzi'. He was either the most productive Pigeon shooter ever or was rivalling even me for fudged chances, we reckoned he had a semi-auto as we only heard him fire a single shot once in the whole afternoon, and sometimes letting loose strings of four and five shots.

 Longsword had bought a 'Pigeon Magnet' with him. 
Its a car windscreen whipper's motor attached to two arms which rotate.
 You put a pair of the Pigeons you shot the day before on them and from above they imitate the wheeling of two birds coming in to feed.
Longsword was kind enough to lend me this Belgian 20 gauge Side-by-side. 

We spent an excellent afternoon, shooting the breeze, telling tales, and shooting pigeons, well Longsword shot pigeons, I shot fresh air and distinguished myself with an all time low score of 24 for none, zero, zilch  nothing, Nada.

The Excusses: a litany

1. I've not fired a shotgun in about three years
2. The gun was a very poor fit
3. The Coyote god was playing tricks on me
4. It was Longswords birthday and I didn't want to show him up

That's my story and I'm sticking to it
More soon
Your pal


Phillip said...

Hmm, 24 for 0. Saving your strength for the next round?

Seriously, sounds like they set you up where the bulletproof pigeons like to fly. They seldom mingle with the unarmored individuals, choosing instead to fly in groups of like-minded, well outfitted peers.

It's always surprising at first, when you kill them and they don't die. You get used to it, though, and then the sport is in simply peppering the air with shot to irritate them until they go away.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


One such desperado had two barrels off me and three off longsword before flying over hill to taunt someone else.


LongSword said...

What a way to spend your birthday - good company, good weather (amazing for Scotland)and good food! A pleasure to share a hide with you SBW!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Many happy returns, both for you and to the pigeon fields of Fife