Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where Architecture Meets Bushcraft

This filler post comes from the intersection where architecture and bushcraft meet
'The living bridges of Cherrapunji, India are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. This tree produces a series of secondary roots from higher up its trunk and can comfortably perch atop huge boulders along the riverbanks'. Learn how the locals get them started, and a whole lot MORE HERE

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Michael Lee said...

Suburban Bushwacker,

Thank you for sharing that interesting link. Albert at Rasch Outdoors speaks highly of you so I came to visit. I am not disappointed at all, you have some really cool stuff you've posted! I'll be a regular, that's for sure.

Keep your fletching dry!
Michael Lee
Michael Lee's Stickbow Archery Blog

Albert A Rasch said...

Interesting stuff there my friend!

Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles™
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The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Not the speediest construction job ever, but defiantly long-lasting, and self-repairing too


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Michael Lee

welcome to the campfire and thanks for the kind words.
Feel free to chip in wherever you think it appropriate