Sunday, 15 May 2011

Unboxing: Parker Hale Phoenix Air Rifle Review

Parker Hale Phoenix PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) Air rifle spittin' .177's @ 11.22 Ft/Lbs.

I first put my hands on one of these about a year ago, but sadly had to leave it in the shop. Apparently a pre-read newspaper and half a Kebab wasn't an aceptable offer, they wanted money too. Lots of it.

Parker Hale have taken the road less traveled with the design , there's no visible bottle so it looks more like a centre fire rifle. Air rifles (as opposed to BB guns) usually come bolt action or straight pull, Parker Hale have gone for a leaver action, that really works - straight out of the box 10 [poorly] aimed shots in 8 seconds!

I've sold my Air Arms S400 to Nurse Mc [you'll meet him later] and he kept threatening to collect it, which would have left me perilously under armed - you know how it is, the Tree Rabbits would literally eat E's woodland to stumps, if your pal SBW and The Northern Monkey weren't on hand, pellet guns at the ready, rubbing our hands with glee at 'the culinary solution'. So when I found a chap selling off dads old rifles I bought the the Parker Hale. Even as I went to collect it I was in two minds, as I'd been saving up for a Weihrauch, but the price was good so if it didn't work out I could probably chop it in against the Weihrauch. No way.  While a little heavier the Parker Hale has similar build quality and accuracy to the Weihrauch, but the leaver action is a revelation, it's just so much fun to shoot!

200 BAR bottle good for 60+ shots more if you go for the longer barrel and .22

Nicely made, fast to the next shot, easily accurate enough for hunting

A bit heavy, no pressure gauge, can't fit an adjustable butt pad

Next steps
Lower scope mounts, find that Accucover, choose a bipod, and a posh leather sling

Your Pal

PS Hubert isn't blogging at this time but his blog Rabbit Stew is far and away the best air rifle hunting blog on the web, and attracted intelligent comments. Here's how the grownups debate .177 vs .22

For really informative air gun writing visit B.B. Pelletier's Pyramid AIR and Nigel Allen's Air Gun Blog.


Angler Reborn. said...

You were not wrong about the quality, of this little gem of an air rifle. My word that thing shoots! See you again soon mate.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Angler Reborn
every one who shoots it becomes a believer
I've had it for ages since I did this review so a Pt2 is over due.

Its currently with our friend who came away unable to understand why he didn't already have one!! Seriously I wish I was selling them LOL

Angler Reborn said...

Try finding one second hand! After Saturday I did. No joy at all!
The best air rifle I have ever had the joy to use!
Thanks mate.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

I have one of these fine guns that hardly ever leaves my gun cabinet. It's a minter with extra mags & a scope etc.
Any ideas what it's current value is on the secondhand market?

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Please get in touch I know two people who would like to talk to you