Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Deer Hunting In The UK Pt6

Zombie Jesus weekend dawned warm and dry and with it our last chance to hunt Fallow bucks this season. I'd finished [for the time being] the works on the Ex Mrs SBW's house, so I seized the chance to get out of town and hooked up with The Bambi Basher for another trip to Jinx Wood. 

The entry point to Jinx wood is very convenient, you can park at the farm house and usually stop for a chat with the couple who own most of the wood and then walk into the wood over a meadow or up a bridle way depending on the prevailing wind. Prevailing! Prevailing my arse. This time the wind was more changeable than bank-holiday-weekend train timetable, it blew hither, it blew thither, we stalked into it, only to have it change round and announce our arrival.

Bluebells were out in force, but the ground was bone dry and we crunched our way into the woods for an afternoon stalk. A mile or so away some kind of super pneumatic excavator had thoughtfully been laid on to drown out the worst of it, but it wasn't our sneakiest hour by a long way. I was once again the winner of 'biggest stick' this time by sitting on a hurdle made of 4 inch thick telegraph poles, how was I to know it was going to make that much noise?

We saw movement in the thick stuff several times, but nothing daft enough to confirm itself as a deer.

Still that's why it's called Hunting rather than Shopping or Killing, and that's why it's called Jinx wood.

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Gorges Smythe said...

If a man can truly be judged by his friends, you should be concerned. Zomie Jesus Weekend?

GoofyGirl said...

I always did find it so interesting that so many of the "sports" (specifically hunting & fishing) were enjoyed, & participated in, more when there was inclement weather. It never occurred to me (till just now, reading about the crunching noise of the dry brush) that it created a wonderful (& natural) white noise ... but then again... the most hunting/fishing I've ever done takes place at the butcher's counter at the local grocery as I stalk the lowest price and give a mean hairy eyeball at anyone that dares to cut in front of me in line. (Do they not know I am wielding coupons and they can give a mean paper cut? Pthfft! Simpletons...)

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


True - judge me to be diverse.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


You've got so much to look forward to this season, and the freezer space to really take advantage of your habitat

GoofyGirl said...

(yikes! I'd be more worried about the friends that can't spell zombie... 'cause isn't that one of the first signs that they may indeed be one?! jeebus!)

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

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