Monday, 11 May 2009

Persistence Persistence And More Persistence

Our hero has trailed these lost skills across half a world, befriended the locals, and followed their fittest hunter on an epic eight hour hunt under the blazing african sun. Perusing the the chance to capture a dying art on film.
The BBC, home to the fittest camera crews on earth!

If this doesn't amaze you, make your own film, I'm dying to see it!


Albert A Rasch said...


That was absolutely amazing! The endurance and sheer determination is nothing short of awe inspiring!

Thank you for finding and sharing that vid with us.

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Hubert Hubert said...

Yes, a very interesting film, thanks SBW.

Personally, I can manage about an hour in the field before I start to yearn for cups of tea, pipe-smoke and internet connectivity. The enormous luxury is mine, of course - if I'm not lucky enough to return with a rabbit - that I know there's at least canned food waiting for me in the cupboards at home.
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful film. I wish all people payed such tribute to the animals that sustain them. Having learned to kill my own food, I now have a similar reverence for it that the man in the film does. Although, I know I can go to a store and buy it if need be; unlike our hunter of the film.