Saturday, 30 May 2009

Another Full Bore Fool

We've looked at the stupid things some people do with shot guns before
Those of you with strong stomachs can look at this reminder
Big shout to Bashing Bambi who found this. Shudder.

Be careful, walking isn't compulsory, being stupid is optional.


Hubert Hubert said...

Link followed. Weurrrrrgh!

Makes me quite glad I can only accidentally shoot myself with a mere .22 air gun... said...

Man, his legs must be hamburger. It is amazing, really, how dum (spelling on purpose) some people are.

Ken and Joanne said...

It reminds me of the night on Guam when I nailed muy swim fin to the coral reef with a spear gun. I spent a long time wiggling my toes and searching for telltale wisps of black blood (it's black under water).

I'm frequently far from intelligent, but I've always been lucky. Luck is a Good Thing.


Dave said...

Damn! That made me grimmace. Just the though of that hurts!

LSP said...

Oh man - what a disaster.

Don't shoot yourselves with guns.