Thursday, 5 February 2009

For Bongo Man

Here's one for Bongo Man AKA The Northern Monkey
How cool is that dude? How cold must you be now? Brrr!
Keep warm fella, and say Hi to Sir Hiss


Chad Love said...

Few more inches of ground clearance and skid plates to survive what passes for roads around here and that'd be one fine hunting/fishing rig.

As a Murkin, I of course own a big half-ton Chevy 4x4, but my wife got a new Corolla last year so I inherited her old Subaru Forester. It's my new favorite hunting rig. I also go tooling around town in it, hit the gun shops. I'm really digging the small-car thing.

Everyone else, of course, suspects I'm now gay. Truck. Manhood. Where I live the two are inextricable. And if I showed up in that VW, well, there'd be no doubt...

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

the 'scoobi' forester is highly rated by the sweatys (our Caledonian cousins). I think BoB had one for a while, it was certainly a scoobi, very old, had known the 'love' of several sheep farmers and earned it's self the name 'turbo lemon' for the speed of its trip to the breakers yard. When they go they go good, when it goes it goes expensive.

I wont be making any jokes about Michael Phelps. Promise.