Saturday, 27 December 2008

I Want One - A Not So Occasional Series Pt4

I haven't done a 'I Want One - A Not So Occasional Series' posts in a while, but you know how it is, one moment your working on your business plan, the next thing you know you've accidentally started surfing British Blades and your head has been turned . I like the rivet placement on the Cocobolo [left] but the Thermorun [right] is more practical.
Perhaps if I got the wooden handled one, and re handled it in G10 I could add a pair of hollow rivets.................Hmmm
The price? Don't ask.
Your pal

PS The knifes are a Fallkniven TK5 and TK6
PPS My review of the
Fallkniven F1 is here


David said...

I have just dipped my toes in the water of knife collection and ordered a Frost Mora knife and fire steel combo. Very much the budget end of things but after scanning lists and lists of knives it is easy to see how this addiction could take hold. I am really glad sometimes that my disposable income doesn't let me even think about getting the credit card out. I also have a Leatherman Wave for everyday use and couldn't live without it.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Ah the mighty mora, they are such great value. I think it was Gary of bearclaws bushcraft who after teaching with Ray Mears had owned several woodlores (£350) said he reckoned the mora (£9) was better for most jobs!

Knives are yet another way of fetishising tools - probably not healthy, but so much fun!
Happy New Year

Off Grid Survival said...

That's a nice looking little knife,
I wouldn't mind having one of those

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Yeah I'd have one by now if it wasn't for the price! When I get the chance I think I'll make something similar!

Off Grid Survival said...

Yea the price on some of these knives is a real killer.... I really need to start learning how to make my own.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Ha Ha i know that feeling!
The inspiration is here
The how-to is here