Thursday, 7 August 2008

Trota! Rod? Line? Nah!

Our friend who is yet to get his TLA (three letter acronym) lets call him jon, has just sent me this picture from his place in Italy. Apparently he was standing by his trout stream (you think that's jammy - he has Boar and Deer too!) wondering weather or not to take up fishing (I know! Some people!) when he saw this one had invited itself to lunch by marooning itself in a shallow pool.
So he picked it up and took it home, as yer would!
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Anonymous said...

I've seen this happen. In fact I have caught trout simply by running into shallow riffles - the fish panic and some will swim right out of the water and onto shore. Gotta be quick!

Mungo said...

This Fishie - why, he appears most slack-jawed with astonishmente - he had beene enjoying most relaxedly a gentle reste within a small poole of water, laying about and whistling to himself, when from out of the blue, a large monster did grabbe him and take him away for dinner.

Oh, fishie, fishie, fishie.