Sunday, 10 August 2008

Pot Hunting And More Bushman Bargains

While I was looking at the American Bushman's gear sale I noticed that he has these light my fire meal kits WAY CHEAP. I've never seen them for less than £15 ($30) so I was delighted to see that he has them for $10 (i.e £5) The last time I bought a Spork on it's own it was £2.50. I've wanted a set for a while now, but because I really need to by four sets - one for each of us, I'd always found something else to spend the £60 ($120) on. The way the postage worked out I could buy that knife and ship two sets of these for free. Silly not to I told myself.

Now let the justification begin!
  1. What a handy set up - bowl and plate, cup with a lid , another bowl-cup-tub thingy, a chopping board/strainer and a spork to eat it all with.
  2. I could use them to take a packed lunch instead of going to the curry hut - nutrition,weight loss, cost saving. All good things.
  3. Mrs SBW could use them for her lunch too.
  4. They would be handy for family days out -picnics and educational trips
  5. They were a bargain
  6. They last a long time.
  7. They pack up neatly, much less fuss than what we use at the moment.
  8. Joachim Nordwall has done such a good job - they really are a great piece of design
  9. Have you seen the price of Sporks?
  10. Did I mention that they float?
I'll do a full review on arrival
Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

It's good to know that other people justify their purchases too. Your thought process seemed pretty logical. And those sets are cool.

Anonymous said...

Now the bad news:
1. The set doesn't fit together
2. Sporks break in the middle
3. It's plastic
4. It's plastic
5. You can't put it on a stove or fire
6. It doesn't pack down
7. It's plastic
8. It great for PICNICS
9. There's no number 9.
10. It's plastic.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

what are you doing with the sporks?
I've lost a couple by they've been intact.

Phil said...

Pretty expensive Tupperware, in my opinion.
Hope you like them.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Busted knuckles

thanks for commenting, I really enjoyed what I've read of your blogs so far and you've linked to some cool stuff. Nice work.

Re Expensive Tupperware
Yep you're right. I've got a whole cupboard full of stained, poorly fitting Tupperware, some of it cheap (lids don't fit), some of it not so cheap with gaskets (lids fit for a while and then the retainers that hold the lids on fall off), so I thought I'd try 'up market' and see if there is a difference. To be brutally honest (or state the bleedin' obvious) I'm a sucker for cool design. The kits are in the post, the jury's out let's see if they're any good

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected on No 1. The set does fit together. My apologies.

Sporks do break. It's not just me(honest). I know two other people who are ex-sporkers.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

But HOW you you break them? what are you doing? Tunnelling? Egg and spoon racing with Ostrich eggs?

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Spork of the GODS! :)

American Bushman said...

Good to see where some of the stuff is going. :)

I, too, am interested to know how you're breaking sporks Pablo. Even Jake, the master of "if it breaks I'll break it" hasn't managed so much as breaking the tip off a tine yet and he uses one almost daily.

Seems like something to bring up to the Light My Fire folks to see if they'll tweak the design if they're breaking in the same spot.


Anonymous said...

They break exactly in the middle. For no apparent reason. Not tunnelling, not digging, not egg and spoon racing. Just eating stew. And it wasn't even tough stew before you ask!

Perhaps it's only the olive green ones because that's the only one's I've seen broken!

Seriously, my theory is that people leave them on the edge of a hot billy, cup or saucepan. I think I did the same but I can't be sure. This weakens them and they break at the next opportunity. Perhaps one to watch if you get one.

I'll stick to wood or metal.

Blessed said...

Those are really neat looking sets, I'm looking forward to your full review!