Thursday, 24 July 2008

Surf's Up! Or Should That Be Surfs Down?

Once again not a lot happening here in the suburbs, so I've taken to dreaming of a trip to Namibia. Where amongst other attractions you can cardboard box surf down the biggest sand dune on earth. Aparently the walk up is 'only' 50 minutes, and after an invigourating glass of Champagne the trip down lasts a full 5 minutes.

Did I mention you can catch Bronze Whaler sharks from the shore?
Now that HAGC has pointed out that surplace of chum I'd be a fool not to (well at least think about it)!
(wistful sigh) Such is suburban life....
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Anonymous said...

If walking on a sandy beach is any indication, walking up a huge sand dune must be a difficult task indeed.

Unknown said...

I don't know that scenery looks a bit to arid for me. The sand dune looks cool though. We have the Sleeping Bear Dunes here in Michigan. Those are fun to slide down, but the climb up is pretty hard.

Tom Sorenson said...

I'm not sure my laziness permits 50 minutes of work for 5 minutes of fun. However, catching sharks from the surf - now that sounds interesting enough to catch my attention!

Holly Heyser said...

Ooh, scared me for a minute with that picture. I thought global warming had perhaps really sped up in the UK.

I agree with Tom - 50 minutes for a slide is a bit much. I need reward. I need ... game meat!