Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Sharpening and Reprofiling

Oh the pain! Whinge-moan. Whinge. Moan. Running club! Battered. Whinge moan.
Delicious fried food danced before my eyes.
Imaginary Elk snorted contemptuously and sauntered away over the great mountain range that separates my homeland from the lands of my dreams.
Have you ever heard an Elk laugh?
Well they did, safe in the knowledge that I’d never get my wheezing butt within rifle range. Bow range? Ha!! They’re still laughing now.

The stunning picture is of the appropriately named cardiac range


Pablo said...

Ha ha. Keep at it. No pain, no gain etc etc.
Did I mention I was an ex-army PTI? I can send you some extra 'homework' if you like... I take that snort as a 'no' then.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

What’s that sound Pablo? It’s like someone clearing their throat in the distance.
Must be a ‘far cough’!!
Love you.