Monday, 24 September 2007

Life After 50

Pablo has asked what I’ll happen when I reach my goal.

Been thinking about this myself; when it started I thought the project would last a couple of years. But as anyone who’s met Mrs SBW will tell you there is no end to her DIY ambitions and they are a major drain on my resources.
This year’s program is largely about fitness and archery practice, with some field craft and collecting and cooking wildfoods along the way.
Before I go after Mr Elk here are a few things I NEED so they’ll be ‘just a little bit’ of kit collecting! To insure I make it back in one piece I’m going to be attending and reviewing some survival, tracking and bushcraft schools.
Once Mr Elk is safely in our freezer, (with his antlers out of harms way on my wall) there are some other hunting and fishing challenges. Cutthroat Trout in Colorado, Upland Pheasants in South Dakota, Sanglier (wild boar) in France. Red Stag with a rifle in Scotland, and with a bow in New Zealand, Bronze Whaler Sharks from the shore in Namibia, and most exotic of all Shotguns for Pigeons in the wilds of Essex and Kent.

I may even find time to make Mungo that Kuksa


Mungo said...

Yes please! Looking forward to it... :-)

P.S. the link in this post to my blog is broken - the "ht" in "http://" is missing. I think the squirrels made off with it.

I am currently making a handle for my Frosts Mora blade out of locust wood - stayed tuned for photos!



The Suburban Bushwacker said...


The link is now fixed
On the Kuksa front:
BoB (brother of Bushwacker) has issued me with a pair of Kevlar gloves, and I have a piece of apple wood in mind, but i need to get a couple of pruning pointers from Cousin L before I can start. I’ll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Definitely can recommend the pheasants in South Dakota. My Dad goes every year and always brings back many yummy pheasants, which we usually have for Christmas dinner. It's worth the trip.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

A friend of mine is a sundancer and i went to SD to support him last year, sadly i had to go home just as the pheasant season was begining. everything I've read about it makes it look amazing. And as you so rightly say, they are Yummy.
The season for them begins in the UK in a few weeks, i'll be posing several recipes.
Cor i'm salivating just thinking about them!

Anonymous said...

The way I like them best is stewed in a slowcooker. You add some spices and some mushrooms and a bit of wine, and probably some cream of mushroom soup, although Dad won't really say, and then you let it cook for hours. The meat comes out tender and falling off the bone and the gravy is marvelous. Serve with some mashed potatoes and crusty bread and you've got a meal fit for anyone.

Matt said...

Sounds like you're going to have your hands full. Good luck with it all!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Thanks for dropping by Matt.
On my to do list I forgot to mention

Squirrel hunting in Oxfordshire:
Cousin T has asked me to take out the tree rats that are eating his walnuts.
SBW ‘I thought you were a vegetarian’
Cousin T ‘ I am, I like squirrels – but I like walnuts a lot more!