Friday, 3 July 2009

A Thief by any Other Name is… Mark Osterholt

It pains me to report this but, Albert has uncovered wholesale re publishing of peoples' s blog posts.

Obviously the original writings on this blog are my copyright. I try to take a live and let live approach to what's on my blog, I'd be flattered if you gave me a mention, when i quote others or reproduce pictures i say who the original poster was. Let's call it a spirit of fair usage.

However, the actions of Mark Osterholt seem a little more sinister, in fact a deliberate attempt to profit financially
from the works of others with no form of attribution. Unfair, mean, and ultimately unnecessary.

For example my own friendship with Albert Rasch
When i first read his stories I quoted some of the best phrases, and urged my readers to visit his site
and read the whole pieces. I even wrote to a couple of other bloggers giving them a heads up that he was writing
about stuff they wrote about. They've been in touch, they've even met up, they've all mentioned me on their blogs,
WE'VE ALL seen more traffic as a result.

What makes the internet is so great is the spirit of collaboration that it promotes, so it pains me to say:

Shame on you Mark Osterholt.

For the full story see Albert's latest post

Have a good weekend
PS Albert did manage to get the stolen posts taken down click for more details. Well played Albert